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Noticing what im noticing

Date: 20th October 2011| Category: ACT
Noticing that some of you are signing in for newsletter but not signing up for website.  It allows you access to other content some for therapeutic tools and more stuff to be added later.  For those that are engaged in 1 to 1 face 2 face work with me the 2 pieces of relevant information are 1, that im am moving from my old office and 2, into a new one.  Its only like a block away and still central to Geelong.  So much more decor here thanks to the work of my colleague in the practice Leanne.  Stay tuned for more on that and indeed many more and much more to come.  Remember ACT with the end in my mind and dont get caught up in the "thick of thin things"  

"Live ya life on purpose" 
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Comment By: Jaliza on 28th February 2012

These are fnasattic tips, Lauren! I think when speed-networking, many people are afraid that they won't come off as they intended and can often be scared out of a potentially positive networking opportunity. I've learned through experience that it's (almost) always better to put yourself out there and make an introduction rather than sitting idly on the sides. Not to mention, the more you practice, the easier it becomes.Great piece!